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Education is the cornerstone of World Trade Week's mission to increase awareness of world trade's benefits to the region.

Career Guide

This publication showcases individuals who are active in world trade in the Los Angeles region, and complements the findings and recommendations of the Los Angeles Regional Export Plan — an initiative of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa developed in partnership with the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. We appreciate the generous contribution of Microsoft Corporation for its support of this printed publication.


The World Trade Week committee offers scholarships to aspiring students in international trade fields. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding graduating high school seniors entering an accredited college or university with the goal of a career in international trade, as well as college students pursuing international degrees. By fostering international trade education and international business development, the committee hopes to develop a network of international trade professionals willing to provide mentoring to future students interested in international business.


2014 High School Scholarship Application

2014 College/University Scholarship Application

2013 Scholarship Recipients: 







Educational Briefings

The World Trade Week Education Committee hosts high school students and educators each year to promote careers in international trade.


Exploring Careers in Global Trade - Featuring the Port of Long Beach: Intro to Careers in Maritime Trade

October 2013
The Port of Long Beach, in partnership with the World Trade Week Education Committee, hosted more than 100 high school students and staff from Long Beach and Los Angeles schools to provide them with the unique opportunity to learn about careers in maritime trade. Port of Long Beach representatives discussed with students how to select a career in this growing field and about education requirements and skills needed to succeed. Executives from Toyota also participated on the panel. Students and faculty then participated in a one hour boat tour. 

Opportunities for Careers in International Trade

January 2013/October 2013
Former World Trade Week (WTW) scholarship students and interns participated as exhibitors in two career discovery events hosted by International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) and California State University Dominguez Hills, for ITEP Academy students at Banning, Barstow, Carson, Gardena and San Pedro High Schools. The students distributed the WTW Career Guide to over 400 students and discussed trade career paths with others. 

Exploring Careers in Global Trade - Featuring the Port of Los Angeles: Intro to Careers in Maritime Trade

April 2012
The Port of Los Angeles, in partnership with the World Trade Week Education Committee, hosted nearly one hundred high school students from Southern California schools to share information about careers in maritime trade. Port of Los Angeles representatives discussed with students how to select a career in this growing field and about education requirements and skills needed to succeed. Students and faculty also participated in a one hour boat tour and experienced the TransPORTer: a 53-foot mobile interactive educational exhibit at the Port.

University Research Projects

Access to key information and resources is one of the tools that the World Trade Week Education committee strives to provide. Under the leadership of Dr. Anatoly Zhuplev, professor at Loyola Marymount University, teams of LMU students are compiling research for pertinent topics. Below are some of the research papers:

Achieving Sustainable Urban Development
Whitney Ahlo,Karina Branum, Laura Cepeda, Shelley Chen, Cody Howsmon, Jessica Hu, James Prananto, Arturo Rosales, Anthony Walker

This research aims to address the drivers, dynamics, trends and implications of sustainable urban development practices in California and the Nordic Region in a comparative context, within a broader framework of the government/regulatory, economic and social/cultural power structures of society. Furthermore, this paper examines the energy, building and water management sectors which are identified as critical impact factors in sustainability.
The analysis and main findings provide characteristics and conditions that underline the development of sustainability in an urban setting. The scope of this paper will extend upon the basic sustainability strategy of California and the Nordic Region to qualitatively explore similarities and differences across several regions with high levels of sustainable development.

Colin Camp, David Bloom, Ryan Fromm, Natalie Ang, Patrick Chang, Christophe Deturmeny

This report serves to provide analysis into the main facets of what currently makes California businesses internationally competitive. It delves into how government programs and economic policy, exports and production, and foreign direct investment benefit or damper the success and growth of business. Despite recent global financial crisis, much of the state's businesses are remaining open and competitive. A method in which many are able to do so is through trade. Although foreign trade is a nationally concerned policy, states have the right to initiate many forms of trade and all have an immense resulting impact on the economy of the state of California.
It is clear that the Golden State‟s trade and competitiveness plays a large role in the nation‟s international business context. “California is one of the 10 largest economies in the world with a gross state product exceeding $1.9 trillion” (CalChamber).  It is hopeful that an improved internal economic and workforce business strategy would not only benefit domestic revenue for California‟s businesses, but also have a positive effect on international competitiveness. Thus, in order to truly understand California‟s current IB competitiveness stance, this report analyzes certain metrics that delve deep into its relevant characteristics.

Congressional Outreach

The World Trade Week committee briefs Congressional members on the impact of trade in California's Congressional districts.
Year-round Activities:
Representatives of the World Trade Week Commitee connect with Congressional members and staffers for private briefings on the latest trade policy issues.

March 17, 2011

Representatives from the U.S. Commercial Service, Los Angeles World Airports, Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach met with Congressional and L.A. City Council staff members for a briefing on the impact of trade on California's Congressional districts. The briefing also highlighted President Obama's National Export Initiative and the pending U.S. free trade agreements.

View 2011 presentations:


Los Angeles World Airports

Port of Los Angeles

Port of Long Beach

Free Trade Agreements