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clientuploads/Global_Programs/WTW/Miranda.jpg"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old." 

― Peter F. Drucker

Author Scott Berkun defines innovation as "significant, positive change." Significant inventions are goods or services that impact our lives, like wireless communication, GPS navigation or da Vinci operating robots. Looking back at the 88-year history of World Trade Week (WTW) and the changes that have occurred, we get some perspective on the scale needed to be worthy of that word. 

Since 1927, WTW has aggressively promoted the growth of global trade in Southern California. That type of consistent and coordinated effort has produced significant positive change on global trade in our local and national economies. WTW has focused on bringing innovative strategies for supporting and fostering global trade in our region. Staying focused and determined in those efforts, and to carry that important message to our civic and business leaders, for 88 years is in fact significant. 

A 2013 Annual Gallup Poll shows that nearly 60 percent of all respondents viewed global trade as an opportunity for growth within the U.S. and as a form of job creation, while less than 35 percent viewed global trade as a threat to the U.S. economy. This is the largest spread in this poll since 1993 and demonstrates an improved view of global trade by Americans. WTW is certainly a positive contributor to this trend and will continue to inform and communicate the importance and benefits of global trade at all levels.   

In 2012, more than $400 billion in total trade flowed through the region. The question we must now ask is how can WTW best support the continued expansion of global trade? 

I am honored to be a part of such a vibrant WTW initiative. This year’s theme, "Advancing Trade Through Innovation," builds on the past while focusing on the future and salutes the creativity, leadership and forward thinking of Los Angeles civic and business leaders as true innovative global business partners. 

Together we can build on the past and not be bound by the ideas of yesteryear as we work towards significant and positive change.


Ken Miranda

2014 World Trade Week Chair 
Vice President Corporate Operations
Owens & Minor