The availability of clean and safe drinking water in Southern California balances precariously on the strength and accessibility of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Business and labor organizations statewide must come together to take proactive steps to preserve reliable water supplies from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The L.A. Area Chamber will advocate for implementing strategic Delta levee repair, investing in local groundwater storage, seeking improvements efficiency and developing an objective look at a new conveyance system. Habitat must be conserved while still providing consistent water exports.


?    Develop and enhance efforts to contain the quagga mussel, a severe threat to the nation?s water supply and
     distribution systems.
?    Oppose legislation or regulation that impedes local jurisdiction over the use or on-site storage of chlorine gas as a
     drinking water disinfectant, which is of critical importance to the safety and quality of drinking water in the region.
?    Fully fund the U.S. Energy Department?s project and expedite removal of uranium mine tailings from the watershed
     of the Colorado River in Moab, Utah.
?    Enable the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set a drinking water standard for perchlorate, a rocket
     fuel constituent that has caused widespread groundwater contamination throughout the United States.
?    Authorize the EPA to provide grant funding to conduct research enabling water agencies to adapt to the ongoing
     impacts of global climate change.
?    Resolve the complex environmental issues in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in a manner that addresses
     long-term water quality, conveyance, flood control and ecosystem protection.
?    Modify the U.S. Tax Code to facilitate the use of tax credit bond financing by water agencies to plan and build new local
     water supplies that meet the environmental criteria of water efficiency programs.


11/05/09 Comprehensive Water Package Passed by the California Legislature
11/02/09 Comprehensive Water Package Summary from the Metropolitan Water District
08/25/09 Testimony on Water Bills at Water Commission Hearings in Sacramento
02/24/09 Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force: Our Vision for the California Delta
02/24/09 Restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
09/18/08 Coalition Support for Placing Water Bond on Nov. 2008 Ballot
07/10/08 Gov. Schwarzenegger and Sen. Feinstein Propose Compromise Plan to Provide California Safe, Reliable and Clean Water
07/01/08 Assembly Bill No. 2175 relating to water conservation


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