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The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce champions economic prosperity and quality of life for the Los Angeles region by being the voice of business, promoting collaboration and helping members grow.

Chamber accomplishes this by focusing on the following areas:






  • The interests of more than 235,000 businesses in L.A. County
  • More than 1,650 members
  • More than 650,000 employees
  • Small, medium and large-sized companies
  • Businesses from more than 35 industry sectors
  • More than 40,000 direct referrals to member companies
  • 120 plus business and professional development programs
  • More than 25 advocacy and signature events
  • Nearly 100 graduates participating in our civic leadership programs
  • More than 10,000 job opportunities and internships for L.A. youth

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Public Policy

2016 Voter Guide

The L.A. Area Chamber has taken positions on several L.A. City and County measures, State propositions and made candidate endorsements in 2016. Our voter guide helps you navigate the polls this election season.

Education & Workforce Development
Energy, Water & Environmental Sustainability
Transportation & Goods Movement
Innovation & Technology
Health Care
Land Use, Construction & Housing
Small Business

Member Spotlight

Fight off flu season with tech tips from Chamber member EZworknet

Technology is everywhere and can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the spread of the flu. Chamber member EZworknet, a L.A.-based, managed technology services provider, wants to keep you and your technology up and running this flu season with these four tech quick tips:

  1. Clean your keyboard and mouse regularly - you got up, dug into the communal candy dish, shook hands with Tom, used the doorknob, then sat back down at your computer -- you see where we're going. 
  2. Don't eat around your computer - those crumbs that fall between your keys might as well be a smorgasbord for infection.
  3. Wash your hands, please - we aren't six years old, but too often some neglect this simple tip.
  4. Sneeze AWAY from your computer - One sneeze creates a breeding ground for whatever ailment you're carrying. 

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What's Happening Now

L.A. Area Chamber leads delegation of 150 members to lobby city hall on job creation, LAX modernization, gross receipts tax and more

October 11, 2016

Today, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and more than 150 business leaders met with Mayor Eric Garcetti and other city officials during ACCESS L.A. City Hall. The L.A. Area Chamber presented the 2016 Los Angeles City Council Districts Economic Report, which compared key economic indicators for each of L.A.’s 15 Council Districts including annual employment, average wage, tax revenue and building permits over the last year.


In The News

Build Better LA Takes Some Heat from Surprise Unions

HERE’S WHAT I KNOW--Affordable housing is a big issue in LA. November’s jam-packed ballot will include an affordable housing measure, Build Better LA, backed by labor unions and community groups. If passed, the measure would place affordable housing requirements on developers who seek approval for projects larger than city rules allow. 


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